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2018 Central Arkansas Open Championship Tournament

Final Standings


Carrol McMillan Baker Tournament

3 Person Baker  Format

Tournament Entries   Tournament Rules

USBC Web Site "Bowl.com"

Baker Tournament Correction:

Original rules sent out have changes.

Rule 11 is changed to read :

Entrants must use their highest sanctioned league average, regardless of whether bowled as a regular member or a substitute from the 2016-  17 season.  This includes USBC composite averages.

Rule 7 is changed to read:

An entrant may participate in unlimited times; however, the same three bowlers on a team may not place more than once in event prize.

Arkansas State USBC BA


2016 Annual Mixed Tournament

Final Standings

Southern Bowling Congress

Secretaries Area

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PBA Tour
Central Ark WBA
Proffessor Bowl
Millennium Bowl
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